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Reviewing the Law

Client Contract Reviews

Protecting Your Interest in Sales Transactions

The ability for a company to execute customer contracts is crucial to its sales growth and success.   At JLF PLLC, Mr. James has the experience and expertise to develop effective master services agreements, amendments to master services agreements, statements of work, change orders, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and data sharing agreements.  He actively negotiates these agreements on your organization's behalf to best represent your interests. Mr. James has the experience in negotiating tough contracts with large companies even when its clients are newly formed, small businesses.  He has successfully negotiated contracts against seasoned purchasing agents in large companies.  JLF PLLC will seek to balance the financial rewards of closing the customer contracts and the appropriate risk level its clients can reasonable accept.
JLF PLLC can develop initial contract drafts for presentation to prospective clients.  Alternatively, JLF PLLC can modify, edit, and provide comments on contract drafts given to its clients by prospective customers.  In either case, JLF PLLC actively manages document version control to ensure its client’s agreed-to language, terms, and conditions are properly included in the final draft.  Finally, JLF PLLC can manage executing the final document for electronic signatures by its clients and the prospective customers. 
If you or your company has a verbal commitment from a prospective customer, let JLF PLLC help you respond professionally to that prospective customer.  Reach out to JLF PLLC.

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